My Irish Mason Family

My Irish Mason Family

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I'm Irish & I'm a Mason...and I have lots of stories to tell! I have stories of magical, serendipitous moments on a journey discovering my Mason roots. It's been an amazing, wonderful road I've travelled & I hope you'll enjoy the stories I share about this long & difficult & very rewarding trek! I hope you'll find inspiration to never quit looking for your ancestors.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Elsie's Poem - "To A City Sister"

This is a poem written by Elsie. I love her spirit!!! As a brief reminder if needed - Elsie was my GGrandmother and immigrated from Scotland to Montana.

"Written on the homestead near Fort Benton, Mont.
July 12th, 1910.


You may live in your flat in the city,
And enjoy the city's gay life,
But, I'll choose my home on the prairie,
And be just a plain farmer's wife.

You may live like a Lady of Leisure,
Have nothing to do but rest,
But for me there is a great more pleasure
Holding down a claim in the West.

You may take in the city's great dances,
Or balls I should say, I suppose,
But I'll choose my pony that prances,
And champs on his bit as he goes.

You may take in the city's grand concerts,
You may sit in your parlour and gossip,
With callers all the day long,
But I'll take my hoe to the garden
And work to the meadowlark song.

Your home may be modernly furnished,
And everything lovely and neat.
Our home is a one room shack only,
But our happiness there is complete.

You may choose city life with it's splendor,
And happy you also may be,
But there is naught to compare with the freedom,
Of this wild prairie country for me.

But then after all does it matter,
If our home be a shack or a hall,
We know that our heavenly father
Watches over and cares for us all.

And as the years pass swiftly before us,
And we get more feeble and gray,
We can live with our memories together,
Till God will call us away."

By Elsie Brown
I know Elsie's blood runs strongly in my veins! I'd rather be in the country than the city. I prefer nature to concrete jungle. I live simply and I like it that way. Elsie talked on the tape recording of her little shack - and she said "Oh, but it was a MANSION!". She had such passion for her little home. I feel the same. I walk with my walking stick and think of Elsie and her passion for the freedom of the outdoors. I sit in my little "shack" and it's mansion to me. Thank you, Elsie, for coming to America! Because of you - I am.

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